107% of Asking Price/Multiple Offers/1 DAY!

107% of Asking Price-Multiple Offers-1 Day!

Listed By: Carrie White/BHG Go Realty
Neighborhood: The Lake at Breckenridge

Morrisville, NC

As a Realtor, presenting each and every one of your listings as strongly as possible not only allows your clients to enjoy these type of results but it also builds your brand in the marketplace. Staging was once utilized almost exclusively in marketing luxury listings. Savvy Realtors, such as Carrie White, understand how providing this proven marketing technique to every price point creates outstanding results…for everyone!

Way to go, Carrie. I look forward to working with you again!

When you have a small entry area it is important to let any outstanding details stand on their own and not clutter the area with unnecessary accents. This entry speaks for itself with its luxurious details. Remember, less is more!

A “shot of happy” should be a part of every home when it enters the market. While many of the elements of the home benefit by being neutral you don’t want to remove the emotional connection so important to the buying process. I, personally, fell in love with this little charmer. Who could resist his whimsical smile?

Many times smaller properties present a challenge when looking to create the number of photos needed to properly present the property to market. By bringing a “marketeers eye” to even the mundane spaces, like the laundry room, we create great marketing photos and the ability to set yourself apart from your competition!