104% of Asking Price! Multiple Offers! 17 Days!

104% of Asking Price! Multiple Offers! 17 Days!
October 6, 2016 Bobbie McGrath

Listed By: Lee Goldstein/Intrust Realty

Photos by: Charles Dickens/Charles Dickens Photography

MLS #2081893
Neighborhood: Pemberton

Raleigh, NC

Every house has certain delightful secrets you find once you step through the front door. This family home is PERFECT for a summer filled with cook outs and hours of outdoor fun. Adding just a touch of color brings the story all together!

These scrumptious wood floors take center stage the moment you first step in the front door. While an area rug might be a nice idea for living it would only cover “the money” of this highly prized detail. When we Stage a property it is our job to highlight the highly desirable strengths of your house!


Again, the wood floors are really the star of the show in this home! The floor plan is such that you could have a sunny breakfast room off the kitchen or a great place to read while you watch the kids play in the backyard. Notice how the color palette makes moving in easy, too. Neutral does not have to mean boring!

Notice how large this bedroom appears? First of all, it IS large. Secondly, understanding how to create a true representation of the size of the room through Staging AND the right composition of the marketing photos is key! True professional Staging is not about “tricks” and “fooling the eye”. It’s about showcasing the strengths of a space and composing a compelling photo opportunity!

When Staging a house we often find bright, colorful secondary bedrooms especially with children’ rooms. Many times painting the room is not an option for a myriad of reasons. As a Stager, it is our job to show how someone can move into a space with the items they already own. The addition of the blue comforter is just the thing to showcase the versatility of this very popular green paint. Poof! It’s an automatic “shot of happy”!

When working with home sellers living in their home while it is on the market we are on a treasure hunt as we move room to room. In this particular space we merely needed to rearrange what they already had in this darling nursery to create a stronger marketing photo. The emotion of the rocking horse was just the perfect final touch!