It's All About The Story

It’s all about the story…it really is! Selling your house is all about the story that potential homebuyers tell themselves when they preview your marketing photos online and, again, when they actually tour your property. They are looking for a happily ever after just as you are when you, in turn, search for your next home. Think of Staging as the art of telling a story in 3-D. This is what this blog is all about. The art of storytelling…take a look behind the curtain as I share tips and techniques as well as tragedies and triumphs of fellow home sellers who make the active decision to either use or not use the marketing power of Staging. Along the way you’ll meet a wide variety of folks involved in the Staging process, too. After all, a story is never complete without a full cast of characters!


  • Consultation and Photo Prep=Successful Staging!

  • Apr 24 | Setting the Stage…

    North Carolina Board of Realtors Approved Continuing Education Course “Setting the Stage for a Successful Sale…in ANY Market!”


    Consultation and Photo Prep=Successful Staging!

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