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I have a confession to make…I consulted on a house last October. I thought it was a great house. But in this business I am lucky to see a lot of great houses. Once the consultation was completed, the homeowner finished up their “homework” and I returned for the final Staging just before photos were to be taken. Now my husband and I had been looking for a mid-century modern home for almost two years; dragging our patient and ever faithful Realtor all around the Triangle. The house I had just Staged was a Craftsman style house, not even what we were looking for, but…. you guessed it! We fell in love with it and bought it on Super Bowl Sunday. (I mention this because Denver wasn’t playing so we went to the open house to kill some time. Who knew? Sometimes the best things happen when you least expect it!)

With that in mind, I share these homes located all around the Triangle because you just never know! The very house you are meant to call “home” may not even  be on your radar…yet! Take a look around. Call me if you find you need the name of a moving company!