Why Stage?

We’ve already mentioned that staging YOUR house can get you on your way faster and with more money in your pocket! Well, here are the numbers to back it up:

of Realtors Now Recommend Staging

Faster Sales Time

Return on Investment!


  1. 51% — The National Association of Realtors 2015 Profile of Home Staging reports 51% of Realtors are now advising home sellers to Stage their properties…and the number continues to grow!
  2. 87% — According to Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) Statistics, staged homes sell 87% faster than homes that are not staged.
  3. 196% — Homegain.com reports your investment in Staging averages a 196% return!

Staging is Part Art & Part Science

The “Art” Part

We refer to it as the “blue dress” theory. Think about it…you put on a blue dress and go to a party. The minute you walk into the room someones says, “Great dress!”

Now that is a nice compliment. They have acknowledged you have great taste in clothes.

Same dress. Same party. But this time they say, “Wow! You look fabulous!”

Better compliment! You have chosen a dress that plays up your strengths and not allowed the dress to command the attention.

Staging is like that. If someone leaves talking about the “great sofa”, “beautiful area rugs” or “incredible elephant collection” in your dining room we’ve missed our mark. Our goal is for them to leave saying, “beautiful hardwoods”, “stunning views’”, and “I LOVE that house!”

THAT’s the difference! If the things in your house (what’s not for sale) command more attention than your house (what is for sale) than you’ve missed your mark.  Let us help you draw out every dollar of equity hidden throughout your house by presenting your home to the market at its absolute best!

of Homebuyers

will pay more for a house
that is “move-in ready”

of Homebuyers

say presentation makes the
in most sales

The “Science” Part

The numbers back us up as well! Madison Avenue is the ultimate Merchandising University. In staging, we apply their  time-tested techniques to the sale of your house!

It’s just like marketing any other good or service, you want to present your home in the best light possible.

Here are just a few of the many additional benefits of staging your home:

  • Faster Sales Time
  • Higher Sales Price
  • It will attract a broader range of buyers
  • Agents LOVE showing their buyers a staged home.
  • Building Inspectors view a staged home as well cared for.
  • Buyers will feel that your home has been well-maintained.
  • Pictures will look so much better on flyers and websites.
  • Provides an implied lifestyle at a fraction of the cost!