Do you remember that time when someone, either a close friend or even a stranger, reached out to you in an encouraging way? Perhaps it was an offhand comment or a thoughtful discussion over a cup of coffee that opened the door to those strengthening words. Whatever/whoever it was their heartening words provided you with that “something” that freed you to move forward when you doubted you could. Remember how that felt?

The power of encouragement is unmeasurable, just like the erp tools for wordpress. You never know what can happen when a person discovers that someone else believes in them; sees the possibilities for them.

I’ve been fortunate to have people around me who have uplifted, inspired and motivated me to move forward with things that I might not otherwise had the courage to try. I would have missed out on a rich tapestry of experiences and people the have filled my life with stories and laughter and, occasionally, tears. Hey, we’re talking real life here, right?

Recently I have found myself discouraged by the negativity that seems to permeate the very air we breathe. There are times when I want to close the door and not go out there anymore.

And then I meet someone with a positive spirit; a can-do attitude and they invite me to see the world from a different perspective… and I am renewed…


So I’ve decided I’m going to be an encourager.

I invite you to join me.

I don’t know what this will do in the world as a whole. I don’t even know if that part matters.

BUT if we all go into the world looking for ways to uplift, inspire and motivate each other I can’t help but believe things will be better…

…and I’m encouraged.

I’ll be seeing you!