When we met with the owners of this townhouse they had a big concern. Their master bath had a lot of issues: the tub and shower surround sported a very distinctive marbleized finish that was too expensive to replace even though it was not attractive. The original linen closet bifold doors had long ago been removed as they would stick and block easy access to its contents. The  cabinet had been removed and replaced with two pedestal sinks exposing the jetted tub motor. The flooring and brass details only added to their concerns. So, what to do with a limited budget but an understanding that big changes were needed? See for yourself! (Use your curser to slide back and forth to see the “magic”!):

We first embraced the color of the tub and shower by selecting a color that enhanced these fixtures rather than drew unwelcome attention to them. We brought in a classic cabinet ordered from a big box store and updated the faucets, shower and towel bars to a more updated brushed nickel finish. A large sheet mirror opened up the space adding to the new luxurious feel.

We then tackled the flooring. We selected an updated tile dimension with just a touch of gray in the finish (tying it to the tub and shower) and laying it in an offset pattern we were able to transform the space! Note our solution for the formerly unattractive linen closet. Less expensive than replacing the bifold doors and much more attractive.

And where were we on the budget? We came in more than $1,900 UNDER what the homeowners would have paid for simply replacing the tub and shower surround. They would have still needed to make most of the other changes to the room but we were able to turn the biggest concern of the space, the tub and shower, into an asset. By changing the shape of the money the homeowners were able to stick to their budget and create yet another Successful Staging!