Barham Hollow Drive, Wake Forest, NC

Occupied Staging of a Contemporary Farmhouse
August 14, 2016 Bobbie McGrath

Imagine calling this magical place “home”….

Listed By: John Griffin/The Griffin Realty Group
Neighborhood: Barham Crossing

The words to describe this property? Unique… trend setting…comfortable…luxurious…home.

The Staging of this occupied home was a wonderful project. This was not the first, not the second but the THIRD home I have Staged for these particular clients. (Hi, Paul and Jeannie!)

When Staging a property my main goal is to allow the unique details of each space to take center stage in the marketing photos.

If potential buyers leave a property talking about the furniture or the outdoor heater, artwork or collection belonging to the homeowners I’ve not done my job. They should be talking about the fireplace, the hardwoods, the kitchen, the views. When this is where your eye is drawn in both the photos and when you actually tour the house I’ve done my job.

Take a look for yourself. The unique details and understanding of comfortable sophistication are everywhere.


Oh, yes! True story: we have a friend who lives in Chicago and toys with the idea of moving to North Carolina when he retires. He sometimes peruses the homes for sale in our area just daydreaming of someday…

Well, he sent a text to my husband saying, “I’ve found THEE house I want! It is beautiful! Heck, I’ll buy it site unseen. You should SEE the photos. This house is fantastic!”

When he sent the link to the house he was raving about? You guessed it. It was THIS house.

But it was too late. It was already under contract.

That’s the power of Staging. That’s the power of outstanding photos. That’s the power of great marketing…