We Are Insured!

And why that matters to you...

We Are Insured!
January 23, 2015 Bobbie McGrath

We are very quick to point out to potential clients that we are insured in our business. Why does it matter?

Because…things can happen! Even with the best of intentions and proper planning accidents can happen. Part of being a professional is looking ahead in order to better serve and protect our client’s interests. Regardless of which Staging service we provide you can rest assured that we’ve got you covered…literally!

When I first started Successful Staging I was consulting with a client on how best to hang her art for the Staging. She and her husband liked to collect art from local artisans and, therefore, we were going to need to edit down their vast collection. She regaled me with the stories of each piece as we made our Staging plan. As I was considering two small drawings in my hands I told her I especially liked “this little guy”. I then asked who was the artist for this piece? Her response…Picasso! He had been a family friend and this piece had been one of the many sketches he had given them through the years. Holy cow! If I had dropped “this little guy” and didn’t have insurance…I don’t even want to think about it!

Now you may not have a Picasso in your living room or a Cézanne in the parlor BUT you do have things that are valuable to you. By having insurance we are demonstrating they are valuable to us as well! That’s why we proudly sport this icon just to remind you that: