But you CAN! And, most of the time, you SHOULD! The love of dark wood trim appears to be permanently embedded within the DNA of many home sellers. True, painting the trim is a permanent solution but, remember, you aren’t going to be living there anymore. Feedback from homebuyers tell us they love how bright and fresh the house looks.  Look here to see for yourself how a can of paint can transform your space!

You see? This entryway went from being “dark and drab” to “bright and fab”! The transformation easily took 20 years off the age of this house! (Don’t you wish a pair of white pants could do the same?) White trim also opens up the possibility of bringing in a more updated paint scheme for the house, too. The fabulous greige tones so in vogue right now just do not work with the golden tones of wood trim. (Two of my favorite greige tones are Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige and Comfort Gray.)

And if you think white trim is only magic for the interior of a house take a look at what it can do for the exterior:

So, take a deep breath and take the “white trim plunge”. You won’t be sorry!