Everyone is drawn to the “befores and afters” that a Staging can provide. Whether selling your house or just wanting a change, the techniques behind Staging can provide an uplift to any space. Here’s just a few for you to enjoy! (Use your curser to slide back and forth to see the “magic”!)

Selecting paint colors, the right paint colors, can make or break a room. If you are planning an addition or simply freshening up a room the unexpected could be just the answer! This “shot of happy” is one of my favorites, Sherwin Williams Celery SW 6421. Perfect in this open family room, a sunroom or even a guest bedroom!

When Staging an occupied home we take the time to “shop your house” in order to stretch your Staging dollar. It’s amazing to me how we find just the right thing hidden somewhere in a closet or forgotten on shelf in the garage. Careful editing, rearranging, and understanding what it takes to create strong marketing photos allowed this home to go under contract in only 12 DAYS! Not an extra penny was spent to bring in anything else. Poof! Another Successful Staging!

Unusual details can oftentimes create an issue when selling your home. The kitchen cabinets appeared to be “missing” above the kitchen sink and the unusual placement of the light fixtures created a problem. The budget did not allow for bringing in additional cabinets (plus matching the stain can create its own set of issues!) so we had to think outside the box. The open stainless steel shelving created a great focal point in the otherwise large blank wall and the additional storage was a plus! Even the lights make more sense with the placement of the shelves. Have an unusual set up and looking for a creative solution? Successful Staging is here to help!